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Case study

Villas of Si-oul


Nestled in the village of Siolim, a village in Bardez taluka, the Si-oul project comprises three individual homes called the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Each home is carefully crafted to resemble the celestial body it is named after. Contained in a gated community, each villa is equipped with the luxuries of a modern home and is located in a clearly demarcated piece of land.

Design Strategies
& Area Calculations

The plot was divided into three smaller plots that make the Si-oul Villas: Sun, Moon and Earth.

The square module was further broken down for each villa based on micro-level factors, immediate surroundings and context.

Underlying concept

Bringing the outdoors inside


Sun, Moon, and Earth

A great design is able to aesthetically fit in a relatable and contextually appropriate concept.

  • The Sun, Moon, and Earth- for us, the universe‚Äôs biggest achievements, contain the properties that make up the conditions for human adaptation and survival.
  • As we are a part of the bigger picture, this concept in the context of a tropical, nature-surrounded site forms our comfort space and is the driving concept behind using these three elements.

Distinct from each other, they set a unique mood for each house that thematizes the overall concept, color palette, and materiality for each home. The fluid lines moving towards the river make up the physical and landscape design. They act as guidelines, directing the design.

  • Sol

  • Lua

  • Terra

Analysis of shading and cooling components

The study and placement of cooling and shading elements ensure a comfortable micro-climate within the setting of each villa by employing a mixture of the following features:

Implementing design strategies in Facade Design

  • Each face of the villas is intended to comply with the climatic conditions – sun and wind paths
  • Climatic issues are resolved by implementing sun shading, glazing, vegetation and materials to counter-act the natural conditions, with permanent passive building solutions.

Implementation of the different characteristics that were researched, tried and tested define Si-oul Villas as a luxury residential group. The amalgamation of several architectural, interior and landscape elements combine harmoniously to create a unique environment that, in all aspects, is conscious of the Sun, Moon and Earth

Madhav Sattanathan
Managing Partner

“We felt that Goa lacked architectural identity and we are doing our bit to change that.”

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