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    Achieving stunning aesthetics with simplicity

  • 02

    Remaining fanatical about details and craftsmanship

  • 03

    Taking Risks to Discover What is Possible

  • 04

    Continuously Improving What Seems “Perfectly Fine”

  • 05

    Designing responsibly, never for ‘the sake of it’!

  • 06

    Balancing the customer’s needs with our expertise

  • 07

    Drawing inspiration from unexpected places

  • 08

    Experiencing our products as customers do!

  • 09

    Adopting Long-lasting, ‘tried and true’ practices over fleeting fashion

  • 10

    Spreading our passion for our mission


These 10 heuristics ! have been employed by the world’s greatest thinkers and designers, and validated by empirical evidence. Proven to result in successful innovation and exceptional design, they constitute the core of our practice and allow us to surpass customer expectations.



Any approach to problem solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method not guaranteed to be optimal or perfect, but sufficient for the immediate goals.

We invite you to explore them below.

01/10 Achieving stunning aesthetics with simplicity

A key component of great design is simplicity. It is easy to pile features onto a product to meet a customer’s needs or increase functionality. A more difficult challenge – one which displays a designer’s skill and ability to shape future tastes – is to limit complexity  without sacrificing quality and power.

At KrissRE, our aesthetics are as modern and streamlined as they are stunning. We have adopted Raymond Loewy’s principle of MAYA, or the Most Advanced Yet Acceptable, when creating a home or space. This means we operate on a continuum between luxury and utility, striking the perfect balance to meet your needs. We push the envelope of current tastes and design for the future, while consistently creating visually appealing elegance.

02/10 Remaining fanatical about details and craftsmanship

An adage adopted and practiced by the most skilled craftsmen and sophisticated design connoisseurs is one we live by: the difference is in the details . How a maker constructs the hidden parts of a product, how he or she builds what the eye does not see–whether it is the inner mechanisms of a clock, or the service area at the back of a house – tells us everything about the creator’s integrity, skill, and workmanship. In short, a product’s longevity is directly related to the care and attention given to its unseen details. And we all know that appearances can be deceptive. Think of the human body. What good is a perfectly normal-looking exterior if one’s internal organs are weak?


Knowing that our name is attached to everything we design, we at KrissRE are equally fanatical about appearance as we are with delivering design of the highest quality. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that we do not cut corners when it comes to materials or labor. We will never sacrifice quality to save money.  Our craftsmanship extends beyond the design’s surface to ensure that you can trust the structures we build to last a lifetime.

03/10 Taking Risks to Discover What is Possible

Everyone–from self-help gurus to relationship experts–seems to be talking about failure these days. Or rather, why we’re so afraid of it, and why we have such negative associations with taking risks. But we at KrissRE know that embracing failure is the cornerstone of cutting edge architecture. Only through rigorous, rapid, and constant prototyping do we gather the necessary information to achieve the desired result. In fact, we strive to experiment as often as we can, and to learn as much about our design as humanly possible.


04/10 Continuously Improving What Seems “Perfectly Fine”

Most of your favorite logos and products have been meticulously honed and perfected over the years. Their makers and inventors refused to be satisfied with what they had made, even if there were no perceptible weaknesses. Constantly in search of a better design, they strove to make the most superior product possible.

We also believe everything–including design–must evolve to reflect our current moment, to satisfy contemporary tastes, and most importantly, to incorporate changes and enhancements. We embrace constant upgrades. Guided by the philosophy of kaizen, the Japanese word for “change for the better,” we are committed to constant improvement. When we design a room, a courtyard, or a dining area, we are constantly striving to perfect previous designs and approaches. A record of very satisfied customers will never prevent us from finding aspects to perfect and enhance.

05/10 Designing responsibly, never for ‘the sake of it’!

We take our responsibility as designers seriously and see beyond what our customers expect from us. Instead of being limited by the obvious utility or function of a space, we surpass our customers’ imaginations to deliver an experience they may never have conceived. Some companies call this innovation – we call it doing our job.

Take for example how we approached our work on a client’s bedroom, left with a space that extended beyond the entrance. We saw possibilities where others may have seen only the problem of dead space. We envisioned an area that was more than just an overheated, excessively sunny landing space. Taking advantage of the room’s ample natural light, and knowing that rising to sunlight resets the body’s essential metabolic systems, we transformed the area. Digitally fabricated screens allowed the occupant to wake up to beautiful streams of sunlight and also diffused heat. The “issue” of dead space was transformed into a possibility the customer had not imagined.

06/10 Balancing the customer’s needs with our expertise

Many groundbreaking designs and inventions were initially rejected by focus groups. Products like sticky notes, the walkman, the wheelchair, and many others were developed and succeeded wildly despite negative consumer feedback. So why did consumers question the function and need for these very important products? Because they were limited by what they knew was possible. It is the job of the designer to conceive of forward thinking ideas.

As developers of unique and avant garde properties, we consistently challenge the status quo. Rather than simply adopting a contrarian stance, we conduct extensive research and study to determine the full extent of a space’s possibilities, and more importantly, to create a road map to achieve it. We research sun and wind patterns, understand the effect of monsoons by living through them, and constantly study how materials react to different climatic conditions..

As experts, it is our duty to educate customers about what is “right” for them.

07/10 Drawing inspiration from unexpected places

Creative geniuses are deeply involved and personally connected with the problem they are trying to solve. When they truly care about meeting a current need, when they are inspired to fashion a new product, they will make discoveries in unlikely places. They will make connections across different contexts because the project is at the forefront of their minds. Their visions will have no boundaries. An image observed in nature or between two people can spark ideas for the design of a doorway or a new tool, just as the design for Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Unitarian Church was inspired by the sight of praying hands.

Our designs often develop from inspiration drawn from practical solutions to problems that do not necessarily relate to real estate development.

08/10 Experiencing our products as customers do!

Not only do master creators care about their products, but they use them too. Avidly. By occupying a space as a client would, we determine its excellence. At KrissRE, designs are conceived by people who confront through real-life design challenges with innovation and intelligence. We all live in homes.

Our team comprises rigorous critics who are constantly considering ways to upgrade their own living experiences and those of their guests. Throughout the process of constructing your dream space, we occupy and examine it with a careful, discerning eye, ensuring that it satisfies the highest standards of comfort and luxury. We take different modes of transport to nearby places to observe how your home fits into a larger community, and to determine what your needs will be upon returning to your private sanctuary.

09/10 Adopting Long-lasting, ‘tried and true’ practices over fleeting fashion

Everything in nature survives because it is recognized. Thousands of plants and animals possess characteristics and traits that signal danger to potential predators, communicating whether a species is poisonous or harmful to the touch. These physical markers serve to protect them and ensure their continued existence on this planet.

Which is why we at KrissRE know that great designs are recognizable. They mimic patterns, shapes, and elements seen in nature. Rather than embracing short-lived trends, the creators we admire and want to emulate stick to the first principles of survival. They don’t abandon taste just to stand out from the crowd.

We, too, have chosen to stick to proven designs.

10/10 Spreading our passion for our mission

The best designers are more than just craftsmen. They are public figures who have achieved success by following the above principles, and they want everyone to know it! Their duties surpass contemplation, creativity, and innovation. While they may not initially consider themselves leaders of movements, they rise to the occasion and become them. Instead of secluding themselves from the public to toil away, they embrace the responsibility that comes with possessing great talent. They share it. Widely. In fact, they believe so strongly in their own principles that they are compelled to spread them loudly and boldly so as to revolutionize the industry.

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