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We do what we do because we love design and therefore strive to make intuitive living spaces and not just homes with walls. We are lucky to love what we do and so we channel that love into every home we build. Each project is a translation of our passion for unique, bespoke homes, that transcend living into a memorable experience. We enjoy working with good people and are fortunate to work with the finest design minds of our times.

  • Madhav Sattanathan Managing Partner

    Traveling the world to study its most spectacular sites and structures has instilled in Madhav Sattanathan the sacred connection between place and space. Driven by a desire to harness the talent and traditions of his home country, he has seized the opportunity to combine his love of manmade and natural beauty through design.

    Inspired by Goa’s unparalleled eclectic spirit and stunning coastal beauty, this design aficionado and global citizen has assembled a diverse and sophisticated team of experts to create a quintessential regional architecture that India deserves. Long overdue, this signature Goan style will be recognized and celebrated by travelers and locals alike, reflecting and integrating the state’s unique culture, native designs, and constantly evolving personality–which draws everyone from yogis, pious catholics, history buffs, and rave enthusiasts to its shores.

    Madhav develops and hones designs with a discerning eye, ensuring that they move beyond colonial vestiges to embody Goa’s mixed, modern personality. Whether the client seeks serenity or adventure, Madhav’s goal is to provide exceptional comfort and luxury within environments that are seamlessly integrated with the tropical surroundings.

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