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Case study

Maxx House


The Maxx House, located in Siolim, North Goa is a sleek, sophisticated and functional home.

A departure from tropical architectural design, The Maxx House fulfills a more urban and utilitarian need. Though its design still adheres to the same climatic and contextual principles of KrissRE’s other projects in Goa, The Maxx House caters to other constraints that had a higher priority for our client.

Unlike the typical villas found in Goa, The Maxx House addresses a specific client’s requirements that were evidently prioritized around a primary home’s lifestyle rather than a vacation home.


The typology adheres to a work, life and leisure environment; the spaces correspond to the vertical demarcation on three floors:

  • Ground Floor: Study, Salon and Utility
  • First Floor: Master Bedroom, Dining and kitchen
  • Second Floor: Terrace, Lounge and Bar


Complying with the plot constraints, achieving space utilization was a primary concern. A base cuboid was broken up and altered by adding stylistic architectural elements such as vertical fins and lending the entire cuboid a slight angle to bring out the modish nature representative of The Maxx House.


The exterior facades of The Maxx House are designed to tackle unpleasant climatic obstacles in a very aesthetically forward manner. The spatial configuration is also planned according to the sun and wind paths – for example, primary spaces such as the study and bedroom receive ambient northern light, and so are kept cooler throughout the day.

The unique architectural design of The Maxx House lies in its simplistic use of materials, attention to spatial arrangement and configuration within a smaller area. Despite the constraint in footprint size, the home feels spacious and airy with its triple-height atrium and front glazing, providing natural lighting to all spaces.

A more contemporary, minimalistic theme sets the debonair off-white interiors with sparingly used but distinct black details to highlight focused elements.

The character portrayed by The Maxx House is boxy and sleek on the outside and spacious and well-lit on the inside. This interesting contrast in architectural-interior character allows for privacy and open-high quality of space required in a smaller luxury home.

Madhav Sattanathan
Managing Partner

“Constraints exists in all projects! With Maxx House, we made a seemingly urban structure relevant in a tropical environment”

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